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Katherin B. FitzPatrick

Author/ Writer

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Meet Katherin (Kathie) FitzPatrick

Age Group: Over 50+                   Gender: Female

Height: 5 ' 5"                                 City/Town: Yakima

State: Washington                        Country: United States

Katherin (Kathie) FitzPatrick is a Producer, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Katherin (Kathie), you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

Visit the official website for Katherin (Kathie) FitzPatrick.

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Born in Berkeley, CA and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1983 went to work at the Family Christian Broadcasting Network in Concord,CA. She started as an on camera Producer for a magazine show called “California Tonight.” The programs they produced were not just aired locally and regionally, but nationally and internationally, some through TBN.

Along with her husband John FitzPatrick (Deceased in 2008) they produced as many as 14 programs at once, including the very popular, “Accent on Health,” hosted by PHD in Nutrition host, Maureen Salaman.

In 1990, Kathie moved with the family to Washington State where she continued working as on on-camera Producer for a TBN affiliate in Yakima, WA., CBY-TV doing celebrity interviews, hosting the flagship program, “Christianity in Yakima,” doing re-dramatizations, and even producing music videos, and special concert music broadcasts and interviews with such artists as David O’Neil, Ray Boltz, Jeff Fenholt, Sherman Andrus, Annie Herring and others.

Did she have a favorite TV Project at CBY-TV for TBN? “‘An Evening with Dallas Holm.’ He was one of my favorite all time Christian artists. He was a prince of a guy to work with too. The video taped television show from the historic Capitol Theater with a live audience turned out to be just fabulous…very electric! The interview with him at the end was one of the best…and at times, one of the most funny I’ve ever done!” – CBY-TV, Yakima, WA. 1992.–Kathie FitzPatrick

Currently, she is a Realtor, and Income Property Owner in the Pacific Northwest that has returned to the media as a screenwriter, and author. See Kathie Fitzpatrick Authors Fellowship.

Additional Details

At the present time, Katherin is promoting a screenplay based on her true life experience of when she and her husband John, got into a high speed chase with the infamous "Zodiac Killer" in 1978, after witnessing him stalk couples in three locations late night in San Francisco. Although he was diligently pursued by the police, after that night he seem to disappear forever. The screenplay, "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?" is based on their true experience and tells the story of the family who held the secret for so many years, and the facts that later unfolded as to what really did happen to him. Filled with suspense, drama, warmth and sometimes even humor, this is not like any "Zodiac" story you have ever seen. Some names have been changed, but the episode actually happened. When Katherin and her husband got out of a late night church service in San Francisco, and then an even later dinner, they unexpectedly encountered the phantom killer on the way home while stopping by three ocean view lover's lane locations. He was obviously stalking couples, waiting for one of them to be alone. After observing him, it became more than apparent who they were running into. John, who had just read in the newspapers that "The Zodiac" had threatened to strike and kill that weekend, told Kathie, "That's the Zodiac..let's get 'em!" The phantom killer was terrified to be discovered, and attempted to retreat and dash off in his car as quickly as possible.The whole situation invited a spectacular angelic- demonic clash in the spirit realm as our hero couple (Renamed Russell and Tina for the screenplay) pursued him at high speed leaving Vista Point, and onto the Novato freeway.The plan was to get his license plate number, then back off and contact the police. However the old white car was a disguise much like he was, and seemed to have a big engine in it designed for the escape. Well up over 100 MPH, Tina almost had the license number when a car trying to take an exit on the far left got in front of them. They managed to slow down to avoid an accident, but the "Zodiac" used the advantage, and sped ahead seeming to disappear into the night. They got off at the next exit, and reported the incident to the CHP who put out an APB and searched for the car all night, but to no avail. The infamous "Zodiac killer" had escaped once again!

It was well over ten years later that the Lord put some unusual circumstances together in their lives to reveal what really did happen to the mystery serial killer. The hand of God was definitely involved in bringing him down much like God dealt with the evil enemies in the bible stories of Gideon and King Jehosaphat. This story will have secular appeal, but reveals the actual reality of the realm of angels and demons, and the miraculous interventions that God allows through angels toward people of faith who trust him!

This story has never before been publically revealed, and was surpressed by the police for years from appearing in the media for public safety reasons. Although the couple had a close up enounter with "The Zodiac" in action, the license plate ID was never actually successfully recorded. The authorities feared that if he ever read about it in the newspapers or heard about it, he would re-appear and return to his dark crimes.

A book version of "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?" is expected to come out through Xulon Press by the Spring of 2014.